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Love Stories of Hawaii


Dedicated to All those who yearn

Submitted by Colleen

It's the middle of the night and once again a sound wakes me. I can't seem to find what makes this sound, but it has been waking me every night for as long as I can remember. It's not a scary sound, it doesn't frighten me, and it wakes me up gently. It is almost like a caress, a soft touch to my ears and my heart. It doesn't keep me awake. I have no trouble turning over and going back to sleep. But there is a yearning feeling that remains with me. What is it that calls me? What is it that I am missing? Why can't I locate the source of my nightly wakening?

I have never told anyone about this nightly event. They would think I was crazy, suggest that I go see someone, and in general just not understand. Whatever it is touches me deeply. I will keep searching until I discover what it is.

Today I am visiting friends. They recently went to Hawaii to celebrate their anniversary and want to share their pictures and experiences with a few close friends. I have never been to Hawaii but have heard that it is the most romantic place to go. And judging by the smiles on my friends' faces when they return I must agree with that sentiment. They were in love before, but it shows even more since their return.

We are all gathered around as they slip in the disc of photos (converted to a slide show of course). As I watch the slides I find myself slipping into a warm and gentle trance. In the distance I hear someone say "are you ok'? It isn't until one of the others reaches over and nudges me that I return to the living room. Everyone is looking at me as if I've grown an extra head. "Where did you go?" my friend asked. Without answering I said what I was thinking "I hear the Island". Then they really thought I had two heads. I decided that I should probably explain and so I told them about my nightly wakening.

It is the call of the Islands that I hear. Hawaii is calling out to me. It's not the waves, the wind, or anything specific but the very essence of Hawaii. It felt the yearning in my and responded by calling out to me. Hawaii is waiting for me, and now I know what it is that I have been looking for. There is something about Hawaii that fills a void in me. I don't know if there is romance there waiting for me or not. The only way I will know is if I go.

As I go to sleep tonight I know that the sound will still be there, but it doesn't wake me. I just feel the caress and know that I will be welcomed when I get there. Hawaii is waiting for me.

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