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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A World of Happiness
Dedicated to Wayne "Jazz" Hilliard

Submitted by Mae

I'd always dreamed of the perfect man, marriage, family, life, and vacation. My heart has always longed for a dream vacation in Hawaii.

I'm a believer! dreams do come true. During the winter of 1971, I met the perfect man for me - Wayne; we met at a college basket ball game. I had reluctantly gone with a girlfriend of mine, who was tagging along with some other friends. My girlfriend and I lived across an alley from each other. After the basketball game, the friends dropped us off at my girlfriend's house and Wayne offered to walk me home. During the short walk, he stopped and kissed me, and asked could he call me. I said, yes, it wasn't love at first sight, but was a very strong attraction that developed into a friendship that turned into everlasting love. Though we lived in the same city, often he would write letters to me and leave them on the windshield of my car. I looked forward to that envelop on the car in the early mornings. In the first letter he wrote, "May one day our thoughts unite into a world of happiness for us both". Someone once penned a song, within the song "if you want to know if he love you, it's in his touch". For sure, it was in his touch, each time we held hands or brushed against each other, I felt the warmth of his love. There was no doubt, he loved me and I him. Five years later we became husband and wife. It was then that I became aware that we were not perfect, yet there was so much love and yet, some heartaches were to come. Not perfect, but I had the man, the love of my life. I had the marriage, not perfect, but one that would endure. Three years later, we were blessed with our first child, a daughter, and a small piece of heaven. Three and one half years later, our son was born; now we have a double portion from heaven. Not a perfect family, but a loving, respectfully and proud family. Life has been good to us, though not without challenges. When we would get weary, we had God to guide us and breathe new life into a marriage/friendship to bind and sustain us. The children are grown and many seasons have come and gone, Wayne and I still stand strong. I am still moved by his touch. Our God, our thoughts, our ideals, and our love have developed into a world of happiness for us both.

During the years that have passed, we have taken mini vacations; we've had much fun, but have not accomplished the vacation of a lifetime. Its twenty-nine years later and I still dream of Hawaii. I would love to thank Wayne for all the years we have endured by celebrating our 30th Anniversary in the beautiful state of Hawaii.

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