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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Man of My Dreams
Dedicated to Shawn Reich

Submitted by Casey

I waited a lifetime for the man of my dreams.

I had almost given up hope until that Tuesday night in May. I knew when he walked through the door that he was the one. He was tall blonde, blue eyed and very handsome. I felt that I had known him before. I knew I had to meet him. The whole room seemed to fade into the background as I focused on his arrival. I watched him enter the room and sit down. He sat three seats away from me by my girlfriend. She is married I thought and flirting with him. I couldn't take my eyes off of him and asked myself, "Why doesn't he look at me?" "I have to meet him!" I finished my drink and went over to him, with no game plan or anything in mind. He was even hotter up close and very sweet. I noticed the tattoo on his arm and touched it as I asked him what it stood for; he said it was the initials of his two sons and grandson. I noticed my sons' initials as well, between two of them. We could not take our eyes off of each other. He held my hand and said that I was a hard worker. He made me feel like a young school girl. He was the man of my dreams and I was talking to him. My girlfriend invited us to a party and we both said OK. I told all of my girlfriends and mom that he was the man of my dreams. He told a male friend of ours that he was going to marry me someday, after the guy made a snide remark about me. I was convinced that I would never get married again before that day. He shared his dreams, goals and aspirations with me and said he wanted me to do some computer work for him. He got my phone number and called me the next day. He told me he had to see me. We have been together everyday since. I told him that my mom and I were going to Hawaii in January and how I had never been there. I asked him if he would like to go and he said yes… soon after that my mom decided not to go. It has been six months and we have decided to get married and spend our honeymoon in Kauai and Las Vegas. We are also business partners and are very happy. We are both convinced that we are each others dream and plan to live happily ever after. The moral of the story is…Dreams do come true for the helpless romantics like us.

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