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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

A Promise Kept
Dedicated to Ed Quintana

Submitted by Anonymous

It was a love story that started in 1990, as teenagers. We dated back then, a couple of times (again in 1993). He made me a promise then that if I wasn't married when I turned thirty that he would marry me. We both have kids now. I have an eight-year-old girl and he has an eight-year-old boy. They get along great!

Although our paths crossed many times, it wasn't until a chance encounter in a church that we were brought back together again in 2003 (divine intervention?). We started dating again soon after. First it was coffee, then romantic dinners. Everything was like was ten years before. We fell in love again. He asked me to marry him in April 2005 - two weeks after my 30th birthday. To see us together is to know how much in love we are with each other. Every month we celebrate our love with cards and kisses.

We have a wedding planned for November 2006. We would love to go to Hawaii and celebrate our long lost, and found, love. Hawaii is such a romantic place. Although it has been there for a thousand years, with nature, it continues to renew itself and become something even more beautiful. It is just so fitting as a new beginning to a chapter in our lives together.

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