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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

I love Hawaii so much I moved there
Dedicated to My Son

Submitted by Catalina

Last November my son and I visited the Big Island and celebrated our 25 and 49th birthday's there. The Big Island of Hawaii consumed our every thought and dreams that we couldn't stop thinking about it. We'd day dream, night dream and all we could do was see the blue ocean, green palm trees and yellow skies that we sold all our possessions and bought a house and took the dog on the plane and moved to the big island. This year, we just celebrated our 26th and 50th birthday in our new home on the the Big Island of Hawaii and it is more than we've ever dreamed of. My son surfs and snorkels, my dog and I go to the hot ponds and then sit and watch the surfers and stare at the ocean. Hawaii is such a magical place with warm people and climate. We love it here and are so blessed. Aloha!

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