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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

True Love
Dedicated to Ashley Atkinson

Submitted by Russ

When I thought I had true love and found out the hard way that I didn't, after 6 years of time invested with losing everything except for my dog an family the only two things I felt I had. I retreated to the Southern Gulf Islands with few things I now had in my posession looking to get some love an support for family an my dog and looking for nothing but solice in the fact that I was lucky too have what I did very little. After spending the warm summer months on the Islands with good people having a good time, in the midst forgetting everything that had got me to where I was and what I had I had become improving one self. In the midst of enjoying life again now and hopping from Island to Island I came across the last thing I was looking for, the thing I thought I had before, this time and knew I couldnt let it go thinking that true love had truly come to me with a true overwhelming feeling of knowing instead thinking this time realizing I couldnt risk losing what I knew I had. Along came Ashley and with it a sense of being for myself tons of mutual coincidences and a overwhelming sense of true love, now months later with still the fresh taste of love in our mouths were embarking with it to the most memorable place in my mind.Having not remebered much as a kid I do remember being 8 in 82 in Oahu the smell of the air the warm rain showers, Diamond Head, Pearl Harbour and Hanauma Bay so I'm coming back to show to my true love that I intend to burn a new permanent image in my head to keep the feeling of true love foremost in my mind for the rest of my life, never thinking of losing the permanent old image I have with this new feeling I now have for the rest of my life with the best feeling inside. So for this thank you Hawaii for doing this favour for me and creating the greatest self worth feeling one can have true love, and for what you do to so many people before me.Now I'm 31 and its Dec 05, this will be my new unforgettable with my true love at my

ide, being I can barely afford but at the same time I know I can hardly afford not to after all its for True Love.

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