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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

Our special place!
Dedicated to My husband!

Submitted by Anonymous

I was with my husband in a place that I have never seen before. This place had palm trees that made a circle around us. There was a nice breeze that touched my face gently like caressing it. That same breeze created some waves that came and went carrying a nice sound that helped us to get relaxed. The sun was going down and we were so happy with each other, watching the sky change colors from pink to violet and then to light orange. I just liked the idea of being with the person I love with all my heart, just the two of us with nobody around. It was so beautiful and so perfect that I could not imagine being somewhere else. We looked at each other, our faces began getting closer and closer, our lips were going to touch and seal with a kiss, and in that right moment… my alarm clock went off. I did not know that it was a dream because it was so real until I woke up. But I still was very curious about knowing which place that was and if it really exists somewhere in the world. The next day I was watching TV and I saw this commercial that showed the exact same place from my dream. It was Hawaii. I thought, what are the chances. I got so excited that I decided I wanted to be there. Is there still any fairy tail that helps make dreams come true? I hope so.


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