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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

"The First Time"
Dedicated to New visitors to Hawaii

Submitted by Tom

A long distance love it has become ever since I set foot on the Big Island. I stepped from the plane to the tarmack below. The dark indigo sea and the fragrance of the Plumeria flowers captured and enraptured me like the Sirens in the days of Ulysses. I knew I was in love with the Islands of Aloha. I have been to other countries and other islands but Hawaii holds my heart like no other. Just like the old song I remember when I was six years old. It was called "Far Away Places". Calling...calling me. I was always attracted to mysterious places and far off island hideaways. I always wished there would be a King Kong island or a real Jurrasic park. I guess I'll always remain an adventurous kid at heart. All of the islands of Hawaii are special but everyone has their favorite. Mine is the island that is called by several different names. Whether it's the Orchid isle or the Volcano isle or the Big island, Hawaii island is my choice. You can really spread out there. With all the different climate zones it will never become monotonous. It is really the island of "Fire and Ice". So to all the new visitors to Hawaii, please let the Aloha Spirit into your hearts. And when you leave remember this special place and live aloha when you get home.

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