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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Taking Risks
Dedicated to Russell Profitt

Submitted by Gina

I had been married for 16 years and after the divorce moved to Florida. I didn't know anyone and more scary than that I relocated to FL without a job. I used the divorce settlement money to move, find an apartment, by a car and live on while I found permanent employment. Eventually I settled down, but it was lonely in a new place without friends. At that time the movie Sleepless in Seattle was playing in theaters. I had gone to see it the same week I picked up the Friday issue of the local newspaper and read the "personal" ads. The likelihood of my contacting someone or meeting someone that way is "0", however that day a particular ad caught my eye. It said "Sleepless in Largo" after thinking about it for days, I placed a call to the paper and heard "Sleepless in Largo's'" message. (More about Sleepless later). He sounded like a nice guy and he had said, he liked kids. We arranged to meet for coffee and ended having dinner. I felt a connection to him instantly.
t first glance, he was handsome, well-mannered and had a daughter, "his little girl." He said he worked in the automobile business and spoke of selling automobile cleaning products.

I met his daughter shortly after our first meeting and lo and behold, this was not a "little girl" she's a 14 year old (teenager with raging hormones). Boy, and they were raging!! He did not work as an automobile product sales person; he owned a small business that supplies cleaners and waxes to the automobile detail business. The lesson here is "never assume."

Sleepless and I dated for about 2 years, got married, "his little girl" is now my litle girl who has given us the most joy in life by giving us a grandson who I was priviledged to watch come into this world. I could not have children of my own, so this was a very special gift from her.

His business has had ups and downs and we have placed our loved ones' needs before our own. Our last true vacation was our honeymoon in 1996. I would love to celebrate our 10th year anniversary in June of 2006 in Hawaii. We have talked about renewing our vows and what better or more romantic and enchanting place then in Hawaii.

I believe we were meant to meet and be together until the end of our lives. You see, my husband told me that he was not "Sleepless in Largo" he was "Sleepless." There was another ad from someone who was "Sleepless in Largo" in that Weekend section of the Friday's St. Pete Times. I had wanted to answer the ad from "Sleepless in Largo" and by mistake answered the "Sleepless" ad. Mistake? I think me it will always be divine intervention.

Thank you,
Gina Profitt

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