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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

True Destiny
Dedicated to My Mother And My Own Heart

Submitted by Sara

I grew up in the heart of Louisiana. It's very much home to me. But it is Hawai'i that takes my breath away. Anyone who has been there knows, and only them. No one could have ever imagined just how awesome the Aloha states are until they take a plane ride or a cruise ship to the island. Yes, everything is gorgeous and post-card-perfect, but what does visual effects have to do with the feeling of hula. Truly, I say to you, you haven't lived until you are in Hawai'i and experience the magics of the natures of the island. It was destiny that I go to Hawai'i, some two summers ago. In third grade, I had to write an essay about Hawai'i. From there, everything under the sun shone me signs. When my best friend and I met in the fourth grade, I learned that her dad worked for the Air Force and they have to move every three years. Just so happened that by the end of sixth grade, Elise and her parents moved to Hawai'i. In the summer of eigth grade, I sent a beautiful 'Flavia card, with stars and moons and the words,"Destiny" written on it, to her and told her how much I loved her and that we would forever be best friends, then I included her a copy of my mom and I's plane tickets and told her I'd see her in three weeks. With cheep plane tickets, no hotel or car rental fees, my mother and I were off for a nine-and-a-half-hour flight. Forever it felt like, I was in denial that I was going to this expensive, exotic, beautiful island named "Hawai'i", or that it even existed. Looking out the window, you pass over the tip of the Big Island, swirve around and directly over another island. When this happened, a single tear passed down my cheek and even though the rest of the time passed by in a dream-like state, nothing in my entire life had ever felt so real. The time passed by slowly, even though I "had the time of my life." We were there for eleven days (which is NOT enough, not nearly) and I kept telling myself "remember this, remember this, remember this". We visted the must-sees like Pearl Harbor and Polynesian Cultural Center and Nuuan'i Pali Lookout, and Sea Life Park, but next time my mother and I visit we are doing the extras- kyacking, parasailing, helicopter rides, and re-do the must-sees. There are no words to describe the aloha atmosphere, not truly.

What people have to understand is the history of my past. Do not get me wrong, I am quite blessed and fortunate. But by being around people who loved me dearly, appreciated me tremendously, who always thought about me... junior high was Hell. What's worse than losing a boyfriend; losing a best friend. True friends do not stab you in the back, they stab you in the heart. And I went through two of them. One in particular, I just lied to myself that we were good friends, and another was just fake love, even though I eventually loved her more than I loved my mother (which is impossible b/c I love my mother beyond recognition). And it wasn't just best friends, it was guys as well (at the same time). All three years I liked a different guy, every one of them turned me down. One turned me down because I was white. One turned me down because he was arrogant. Another turned me down because I wasn't Cambodian (but we've since made friends, and I've figured out that it wasn't that he was in love with a girl from Cambodia...). At the same time, I had glasses, crooked teeth. I was made fun of and pointed at and lauged at All junior high. In sixth grade, bad grades got me out of danceline, and in eigth grade there was a scare that I had to change schools so I couldn't finish that year either. Everything was about six times worse than it sounds. There is so many other things that made this all worse. In seventh grade (my worst year) I had started to count how many times I cried. In February of 2003, I cried 26 times out of the 30 days. While trying not to contemplate suicide (failed twice), there was the hope of becoming famous and rich and even closer, of going to this Godly place.

I left my heart in Hawai'i, and I'm not sure where. Maybe I just don't even want to know. This is now November 2005, I am fifteen years old. I am in danceline and honors classes at a prostigeous school (Bolton High) and am very happy and happy with God. My mother and I have planned to go back to Hawai'i after I graduate for my birthday. I also plan to go to college there. This was written to inform all of those out there who are obsessed with the islands and shout, "HAWAII!!!", everytime they see something with a palm tree or hula girl, that they are completely normal and sane (just ignore all of the on-lookers who just simply don't understand!).

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