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Love Stories of Hawaii


Find Us Faithful
Dedicated to Matthew Moore

Submitted by Mrs

If there could only be one word to describe my husband, it would have to be Faithful. My husband, Matthew, surrendered to the call to preach at the age of twelve. He has devoted his entire life to serving God and helping others. Throughout our courtship we seldom had time to ourselves. At this stage in our life he was a youth director, and most of his time was spent with the teenagers. He told me, "I'd rather give up my time for them and know where they were at, who they were with, and what they were doing, rather than leaving them alone with all the temptations of the world." I admired him, and we both together did what we felt the Lord would have us to do.

As time went on we became engaged. Right away we began discussing our honeymoon. He wanted it to be romantic, and someplace we had never been. Hawaii was the perfect choice. We sat down and planned out our budget and set our wedding date for almost a year later. We knew by then we would have enough saved for the honeymoon and for the wedding. Unfortunately, God placed an incident in our lives were we felt our honeymoon money could have been better used. My husbands brother had gotten himself into a real mess, and without nosey details, we gave our honeymoon savings to him. God still blessed us with a terrific honeymoon. My husband got us a cabin in Gatlinburg, TN. Sadly it did not last long, due to the fact he had a mission's trip to go on a week later; which he paid for out of his own pocket.

It bothered my husband that he was not able to take me to Hawaii for our first honeymoon, so he promised we would do it for our one year anniversary. We began saving again, but exactly one year from the day we were married my husband was offered full time pastor of a church in Milan, TN. He was voted in at 100% on our one year anniversary. Needless to say our plans were changed again, and we used our savings to move us and start our new lives.

I have never regretted one decision my husband has made in the time I have known him. He is the biggest blessing in my life, and I wake up every morning and thank God for giving me a man who loves God and shares God's love to the world through his kindness. I would like nothing better than to win this trip for him in appreciation for his love for me. I know that even if this does not work out, we will someday get to go to Hawaii. Until then, we will keep on doing the work God has called us to do.


Mrs. Ivy Moore

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