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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Love, Happiness, and Unicorns
Dedicated to Anyone Who Doesn't Believe

Submitted by Colleen

Unicorns aren't real… You can't find love anymore… There are no good ones left… Happiness is fleeting… This is what some people hear and actually believe. Can you imagine a life where hopes and dreams didn't exist? Where would we be if we didn't believe in something? Don't listen to the people that tell you that what you dream of doesn't exist! Your life is only limited by your imagination and your expectations.

Take a trip to Hawaii and escape into a land of promises, dreams, and love. You will fall in love with the Islands and begin to open yourself to the possibility that what you've been told doesn't exist is just the limits of someone else's imagination and expectations. Walk along the beach with the warm sand beneath your feet and the wind gently caressing your face. Listen to the waves crashing against the rocks and then tell me that happiness is fleeting. Happiness is what you want it to be. You can see the negative side of life or you can enjoy the simple pleasures that await you. If you allow yourself to believe that love and happiness are true then it will amaze you what you will find.

Kauai is an Island that seems to be overflowing with emotions. Watch the children with each other and their parents. Watch couples discover each other either for the first time, or again. Immerse yourself in the emotions around you while you are there and reach into yourself and find the emotions that you've kept hidden. The wonders of nature that you enjoy in Kauai will remind you of the wonders that are available to all of us. Give yourself the opportunity to love you and it will open your heart and mind to all the hopes and dreams that are waiting for you.

Do your friends support you or do they tell you that what you want is impossible or doesn't even exist? Are you surrounded by others that are willing to dream and believe? Love is very real and when you are ready to believe you may find that the person who has stood by you as a friend is really more than a friend. One of the ‘good ones' has been next to you the whole time just waiting for you to begin to believe. Love may be subtle and not easily recognized until you first start to believe that it exists. Once you do that you begin to see love everywhere you look.

It's time to give yourself that second chance. Believe in love, happiness, and even unicorns – because they do exist – if you believe!

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