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Love Stories of Hawaii


A Promiss is a Promiss
Dedicated to My Loving Wife

Submitted by Anonymous

Ten years ago my wife was pregnant with our second child and was wanting to get married but we did not have the money for a wedding and that day seemed further and further away.Well marriage was defenitly for us so one day I came home and asked her if she wanted to get married on halloween.She did not reply but looked at me like she was going to kill me.The next day I arrived home from work and she told me we needed to go to city hall and get our marriage lisence.So we dressed up as dracula and a witch and proceeded to get married.Our honeymoon was trick and treating.That evening I told my wife if we were still married on our 10th year I would give her a wedding.

So the years have come and gone and we now have three children.Throughout the years my wife has pulled many pranks on me and thinks she is the Queen of all pranks.We are both in food service and on the 5th anniversary she tricked me into making my owm anniversary cake and threw a suprise party.On that day I told her that when she forgot it I would get her back in a way she could not comprehend.

Yesterday was our 10th year anniversay and it was time to keep that promise.I began months earlier to plan a suprise wedding and who else better to make the cake than my wife.I confided in my boss and owner of the promadant banquet facility which I was the Chef and my wife is the baker to trick her into making the cake for the wedding.She is not a fan of martha stewart so we piked one of her designs that consisted of rolled fondant and gum paste flowers.After she finished the cake my boss told her that the bride wanted to see her. He took her to the room where her brides maids and her two daughters were and told her she has been had.My wife could not stop crying, her dream of a wedding has just came true.She was escorted to the suite were her dress was and a beautition was to do her hair, nails and makeup.She had champange,hourduves and everything needed to feel like a princess.We had the ceramony in the lobby of the hotel were she received the past, present and future ring she has waited since our 5th anniversay. The reception was held in the banquet facility where all our family and freinds were.That night while we were lying in bed she agreed that she was not the Queen of pranks that I was the king. I laughed and then I promissed that on our 20th anniversary she would have a honeymoon and I would take her to hawaii.By then we should be able to afford it.A promiss is a promiss!

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