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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Empty Nesters
Dedicated to Patty and Rick (Mom and Dad to me)

Submitted by Brenda

It was the morning of her 42nd Birthday, and Patty lay in bed staring at the stranger next to her. She had known Rick since the 7th grade and been married to him for the past 23 years, but still today he was a stranger. They raised three daughters, the youngest of which had just left for college exactly 21 hours ago. Their home once overflowing with sounds of competing radios, and "Mom, what's for dinner?" and phones ringing, was now painfully silent and Patty was alone. Except for the stranger.

It scared her to feel this way. She closed her eyes tightly, wrinkling her forehead to concentrate...why did we fall in love?...what did we do pre-kids? And through the tortured silence, it started to come back to her. He was spontaneous. Passionate. Giving. Caring. Liked to dance thinking about this made Patty laugh, as she remembered them taking disco dancing lessons after seeing the movie "Saturday Night Fever." 1977. Pre-kids.

And out of nowhere, "What's so funny?" Patty's eyes popped open and she quickly said "Nothing."

Rick leaned over and kissed her. "Happy Birthday. Did you get any sleep, or were you worrying about Paige?"

Paige...their youngest...21 hours..."Very little. You?"

"I slept great. You don't need to worry about Paige. You did a great job raising those kids. You should be proud". He kissed her again. "I have a surprise for you. Get dressed."

"Rick, I don't feel like going to Bob Evans this morning." Every Sunday their family would go to Bob Evans for breakfast. Several years ago they needed one of the big tables along the wall to seat all of them. She couldn't bear the thought of asking for a table for two. No, she would fry the eggs today.

"It's not Bob Evans." Rick said laughing.

As Patty prepared to shower Rick went to make coffee. She could hear him whistling. Whistling? He didn't do that. Or maybe he did and it had just been drowned out for the last two decades. She didn't know.

Rick walked into the bedroom as Patty was drying her hair and said, "Well, I don't suppose that I can keep this a secret much longer". He handed her airline tickets. Hawaiian Airlines. Hawaii? She looked up at him unable to speak. Rick smiled and said, "Paige packed suitcases for us yesterday and there's a cab out front. You better get moving, we have a plane to catch."

Ten days later, as Rick and Patty sat in the Honolulu airport waiting for their homebound flight to be called -- holding hands and smiling and flirting and stealing kisses -- the Bee Gees' song "Night Fever" started playing on the airport speakers. Their eyes met as they broke into laughter. Rick jumped to his feet and into the infamous John Travolta stance. Patty leapt into his arms, and they danced and laughed their way around the Terminal.

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