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Love Stories of Hawaii


Love in the land of Aloha!
Dedicated to Jeff

Submitted by Lorie

People say that when it comes to finding your one true love-"you just know." But I never understood what that meant. As a 30 year old, I have had a few years of dating, short and long term relationships alike, but I never knew what everyone was talking about. I would ask: Is it a thought? a feeling in your gut? If so, then tell me exactly what it is so I will know when it comes around. But people just laugh and say they "cannot explain what it is like, but when you know, you know, no questions." And that was it. I would date a guy then break up, thinking is this the right choice? Is he THE ONE? Many times this same pattern occurred but I came to the conclusion at at my 29th birthday that if I have to question what I was feeling then it must not be THE feeling everyone talks about.

Those same people also told me, "He will come when you are not looking." So I stoppoed looking, kind of. I decided to start enjoying what I had already, which were great friends, and stop looking for what people cannot even pin point its description.

Friday the 13th, 2004, was the night I decided I would go out with my gal pals to celebrate our friendship and enjoy the natural love and beauty of Hawaii, where I live. I was 29, single and no date for Valentine's Day. So I went out to have a good time with my girlfriends. But after a silly game of "guess all the professions of the guys in the bar" and a small push from my friends, it did not take long for me to talk to a guy. He and I talked, we danced, we drank, and then he asked me for a date on Valentine's Day. After the first date, I felt so great! His name was Jeff. Jeff was nice, he was smart, he had a sense of humor, he had goals in life, a good family...ya know, an all around good guy. But he was only in Hawaii for the remainder of the month...OF COURSE! We dated throughout the month and we had a fabulous time getting to know one another. But knowing he was leaving Hawaii for good, I still found myself falling head over heals for this guy.

Right before Jeff left Hawaii, we completed an evening ridge hike by flash light behind beautiful and world renowned Lanikai Beach in Kailua, Hawaii. We watched the moon rise over the ocean by star light. That night we opened our hearts and confessed our feelings for one another. One and a half years later, in that same spot, Jeff propsed to me with the moonlight and stars all aglo in the romantic Hawaiian sky. That feeling, that thought, I had. I knew, I just knew.

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