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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

True Love
Dedicated to Lynn, the love of my life

Submitted by Adam

Over the summer time, my girlfriend of two years lived 2 hours away from me doing her internship for college. I went on vacation for two weeks, out of country, and the entire time I was there, I thought of the love of my life and wished she could experience everything with me. During the down times, all I could do was think about her. I realized that I didn't know life without her in it. Once I got back, I told her that I wanted to take sometime off to see if what I was experienceing was true love. It seemed like the right idea since we couldnt see each other much anyways. She didnt understand it but I compared it to a bachellor party, a chance to see what life is like being single one last time before asking her to become part of my family. I never cheated on her, nor would i ever, and was still madly in love with her. Once school started again, I thought we could pick up where we left off excpet this time my love would be stronger and definent. Well school started and she wanted time apart. Now I'm in absolute pain. I thought it would be wonderful to go to Hawaii, since it is the one place on this Earth she always wanted to go and since it is one of the most romantic places in the world. She contiues to date other guys and all I can do is try and convince her that the love I have for her can never be duplicated with any other person. It hurts so bad to see her with these other guys but I cant be mad at her for we are seperated and I love her with all my heart. How could I get mad at the girl I love with all my heart and soul? I love her more then I love myself. If we could get away to Hawaii, I can confirm my love to her and hopefully take it to an entirely nother level by proposing to her on the beach with the sunset, just like the way she always wanted to get engaged. Please help me in my quest to win the love of my life back. I need her in my life. She is my everything. I love you Lynn.

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