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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Love of My Life
Dedicated to Larry Feyerherm

Submitted by Yvonne

Larry and I met at a barbecue in 1988 through a mutual friend. Our first date was to the Renaissance Festival. I will never forget how sweet he was and still is. We enjoyed the festival together and even the rain. If Larry still liked me after being rained on, then there was definitely a chance for us. We continued dating for about two years and then one evening, Larry asked me to marry him.

I have been happily married to Larry for almost 12 years. Larry and I are a good team. We love traveling, camping, and outdoor activities. Every year, we plan a big trip to somewhere that either of us has always wanted to see. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii and hope that this will be our lucky year! When I look at pictures of Hawaii, I just fall in love all over again.

Larry recently became a certified scuba diver and Hawaii has plenty of opportunity for him. I enjoy the beach and Hawaii will satisfy that too!

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