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Love Stories of Hawaii


Dream Weaving
Dedicated to Dreamers everywhere

Submitted by Colleen

Dreams are for weaving. Where would we be without our dreams? They are the threads that combine to become the fabric of our lives. You dream of the future and what it holds for you. You dream of the past and how it shaped your life. All your inhibitions disappear in your dreams and you face your fears and your joys. Look in many bedroom windows and you will see a dream catcher. They are there to catch the bad dreams and let the good dreams slip on by.

Hawaii is a place that many dreams come true. It is somewhere that many people dream of going. Here their dreams can be realized, their paradise found, and romance and love can be seen. Even if you never go to Hawaii you can find pleasure in dreaming of what it would be like to walk on the sandy shores at sunset. The waves crashing on the sand at your feet, caressing your toes as the sun sets across the horizon. The colors astound you with their vibrancy and purity. The wind gently blows the treetops and cools your face. It is a warm breeze and you can taste the salt in it. And walking with you is the person you love, holding your hand and sharing in your paradise.

Imagine having your loved one weave your dreams into something special. Candles are lit around the back patio, white sand is spread to cover the cement, Hawaiian music is softly playing in the background, and you find a beautiful flowered dress laying across the bed with a note telling you to put it on and join him out on the lanai. When you walk out there you find that he is wearing a flowered shirt and a pair of shorts. He holds his hand out to you and pulls you into his arms. Slowly you dance to the romantic music of Hawaii. The sun is setting behind the trees and the only light is now the moonlight and the candles. You don't even hear the sounds of traffic or the neighbors. You have been transported into paradise and you surrender to the romance surrounding you.

You never told him of your dream to go to Hawaii. How could he possibly know? Could the dream catcher in your window allow him to share your dreams? Does it really matter how he knew? Maybe it has been his dream to be able to give you the paradise of your dreams. Dreams may not always come true but reach for your paradise and remember dreams are what see you through to forever.

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