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Love Stories of Hawaii


It's But A Dream
Dedicated to To my husband, Peter

Submitted by Judy

The business of life has got me down. Day in and day out it's the same-O, same-O. I wake up, get up, rush to the shower and try not to run the hot water out so that my darling husband can also enjoy the soothing sensation that the warmth of a shower can bring. He's out walking the dog before the sun comes up, half asleep. As soon as he comes back, it's a rush to the shower, rush to get dressed, rush to get our daughter up out of bed, rush to fix her breakfast, rush to make sure she gets dressed and gathers her homework and school books, rush to school and then rush to work. Rush, rush, rush! At the end of the day, we're both on our cell phones to each other to see who can make it home first to pick her up from school, and then rush, rush to her extra-curricular activities. Whew! And that's just Monday – Friday.

My desire was to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon, but we were too broke to even contact a travel agent and beg for specials. "By our ten-year anniversary," I stated, "we are going to Hawaii!" Our tenth came and went without the luaus, without the sun-drenched beaches, without the majestic waterfalls, without the beauty that only Hawaii can display. I've seen it in pictures and imagined it in my dreams; the luscious landscapes and mountainous terrain, the romantic dinners and nightly walks on the beach. Oh, it's but a dream. In a short while, our eleventh anniversary will be upon us, and if we're lucky, we'll get to spend an evening out alone and talk about the vacation we've only dreamt about taking. Then everything goes back to normal. "Maybe by our twelfth anniversary…" I begin to reason with myself. That's a year away. Surely we can work something out. I know it's expensive, but the memories will last a life time, and we can sure use the break from every day life. It will kick start the romantic fires that burn within us, and light up our passion for one another again.

Oh, it's but a dream. How can we spare the money when we've got bills, and braces, and basketball? Maybe if I got a second job and put all the money away solely for this dream vacation???? Who am I kidding? I barely get to spend any quality time with my husband and children as it is. To take more time away? Well, that's ludicrous. Or is it? Is it worth spending even more time away from home for many months just for a week's vacation in paradise?

Hmmm…I need to get creative.

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