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Love Stories of Hawaii


Engagement Day
Dedicated to My husband to be.

Submitted by Anonymous

Engagement Day Feb23/05

Best day of my life so far!

I arrived at my friend's house to where I had been staying to watch her two dogs and her house. I let the dogs out and headed to the phone to call my sweetie. Just called to find out how his day went and work out dinner arrangements. I was planning on just having a night to ourselves and lounging in my friend's hot tub. Well, he insisted I come home right away. After disagreeing about why I needed to go home since all I wanted to do was just take it easy at her place, he finally had to tell me that he arranged a nice dinner for us. Unfortunately, he didn't want to have to tell me but apparently I just wasn't going to come home otherwise. When I arrived at home there was no dinner on the table and there was no evidence of food being prepared.

At this point, he had ran to the car and pulled out a beautiful bouquet of white flowers and wine from behind his back. As I proceeded to arrange the flowers in a vase with my back to the dinning room he had pulled dinner from the car. He set up a tablecloth, candles, and of course my favourite, Minos takeout. As we were eating, I noticed he was eating a little too fast and drinking too fast. I asked him, "What's the big rush". He replied, "We have things to do around the house." Then he quickly asked me if I was done and took away my plate. (Even though, I clearly wasn't done). He came over to me, placed one knee on the floor and reached into his pocket. And asked, "Will you be my beautiful bride?" After I finally stopped crying my eyes out, I accepted.

Even though we have been together six years, it feels like we have just begun our lives together. The ring is out of this world. It's the most beautiful thing I have ever had on my body besides Dixson of course. I feel like a Queen and I want my King to feel like the most important person in the world because he is. God bless our journey together. Keep us strong, faithful, and full of happiness. To my love: Thank you for coming into my life.

Love always,

Your Bride to be

This is why I would love to take Dixson to Hawaii. He deserves it. We went on our first trip together to Florida last year which turned out be terrible because of the other couple we went with. This time if we get to go, it would just be the two of us. I would love to surprise him with a real trip. One that would be worth a life time of trips. One he would talk about forever! We asked ourselves if we could go anywhere in the world, where would we go. We both chose Hawaii. We believe it would be the most romantic, exotic place to go for our honeymoon.

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