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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Kids and I
Dedicated to My husband, Evert and our two sons

Submitted by Della

We married two days after our High School graduation. Within one month we took in our first child who was only 2 or 3 years younger than us but was having a horrible time at home.
Little did we know how this would direct our lives, well, this and the good father above.

We have had so many stories of how children have come to us especially when we lived in Northern California. Once we went and bought me a car and the police called and the salesman's son was in trouble again. We got the car that night and also a 9 year old boy to keep for a few months. He really was a good boy just so smart he was inquisitive about everything and living in a big city that can be a trouble maker.

We moved to Oklahoma in 1981 and here we have had some of the States worse boys. If they did not make it here they went to a lock-up situation. All but 5 made it completely through our program and it took a lot of time and precious moments to get them where they ought to be. Some lacked any a parenting at home and some just got in with the gangs and wasn't going to abide by any rules but the gangs. They were our challenge in life.

We started making their lives our high priority and that did not leave us much time. Well, it is our turn now and we are just enjoying each other so much.

My dream is a Valentine's Day trip to Hawaii with Evert. This would be truly our Honeymoon for two.

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