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Love Stories of Hawaii


Maui Sunsets
Dedicated to Will Harrington

Submitted by Anonymous

September 7,2002 I married the man I had loved for 11 years. It was the most perfect & romantic seaside wedding I had ever been to. Two days later we boarded a plane to the island of Maui for 9 of the most enchanting,breathtaking days. We strolled the town of Paia,braved the road to hana, hiked to falls and swam the black sand beaches. Our days were filled with adventure, beauty, relaxation and always ended with the most spectacular sunsets.

When we returned we vowed we would go back and we did. This time our intentions were not only to relive those wonderful days and spend time playing tour guide to our closest friends from home whom decided to meet us in Maui, but also to embark on the biggest adventure of our lives. Our plan was to now try to start a family and what better place to try than Maui & Kaui. Right before we left our lifes plans took a sharp right and starting a family would not be in our cards at this time. Our house deal fell through and I was not feeling so great. We went on our trip anyway (after all it was already booked)and again had the most amazing time of our lives, eating warm banana bread on the way to Hana and sipping Pina Colada's at Cheeseburger in Paradise in Lahaina while again experiencing those breathtaking Maui sunsets.

We returned home once again on the premise that we would once again return to the Hawaiin Islands. Upon returning we found we still had no house deal and my symptoms were getting worse. I wound up having to have many procedures and tests that financially took it's toll on us but the outcome was good. We are now ready to start that family but the money for maui & a new place to live is gone. Eventually I am sure things will get better but in the meantime, we have our memories of Hawaii, and on any warm summer evening ,as the sun is setting here in New Jersey, my husband has been known to call me on his way to work and say "Look honey it's a Maui sunset!

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