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Love Stories of Hawaii


Heaven on Earth: Hawaii
Dedicated to My true love, Brian

Submitted by Pat

I will never forget the night that Brian came into my life. I was just 24 at the time and a nurse working the evening shift in the Orthopedic unit when we received a call from the Emergency unit saying that they were sending up a young man who had been in a motorcycle accident ... though conscious he was in pretty bad shape and was listed as critical. I can remember the fear in his eyes when I introduced myself. I said "Hi Brian, I'm Pat, do you know where you are?" He looked at me,smiled,and took my hand and his first words to me were,"I never knew that angels had green eyes." With those words he lapsed into unconsciousness and I stayed with him holding his hand until they took him up to surgery.

Brian was a law student who was visiting Hawaii for the first time and had rented a motorcycle that fateful day ... I was a young Canadian nurse who had come to Hawaii for a vacation and loved it so much,decided to stay.

Brian came through the surgery that night and during his long recovery we fell in love. Brian always said that he fell in love with me the first night when he looked into my eyes, and he insisted he would never have made it that night without his angel next to him. He said that Hawaii was paradise and fate had sent him there to meet his angel. We were married two weeks after Brian was released from the hospital.

That was 44 years ago now and although we did move back to Canada, we returned to our paradise every year. Now as my plane is about to land in Hawaii there are tears in my eyes. Tears of joy and tears of sadness. The seat beside me is empty ... Brian died last week of cancer ... we were hoping to spend one last time in our paradise but even with his angel by his side he could not cheat death this time. I was holding his hand when he died and although he was too weak to speak, I know we were both thinking of the night when we first met.

My darling Brian, I am bringing your ashes back to the place where we met and fell in love, our Heaven on Earth:Hawaii.

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