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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

5th Grade Snowballs
Dedicated to Julie and Robert Crow

Submitted by Amy

My parents, Julie and Robert have been together ever since my mother moved to West Des Moines, Iowa when she was in the 5th grade. My parents were in the same fifth grade class room, and lived only a block away from each other. Everyday my father would follow my mother home teasing her and throwing snowballs at her. No one would have guessed that 35 yrs later they would still be together and happily married for 24 yrs. On my parents first date (my mother was 14 yrs old and my father 15 yrs old) they went to a movie nothing out of the ordinary. My dad's sister drove them and picked them up. My dad dropped my mother off and walked her to the door and told her he was going to marry her, my mother just thought he was 'weird' and didn't think much of it. Still today when asked how my father proposed he says on their first date when he was only 15 yrs old. My parents dated seven years before they would get married. My mother's dream vacation is to go to Hawaii, which has never happened. My mother devoted her entire life to raising her family, and loving my father. Within the last two months we have found out that my mother has terminal brain cancer. Her one dream is too go to Hawaii. She has been saving her quarters in a jar for years. She had about $500 until they had to spend that money on bills when she was unable to return to her small at-home-daycare business. My two younger siblings (18 yrs and 16 yrs old)and I are trying to save up the money so that her dream can come true. My parents have given us so much and we are trying to give this too them. My mother is my father's entire world. He does not have one memory without her in it. They have all the same friends and when my mother passes on my father will have lost himself. I am praying and hoping that you would be able to give my mother this one wish. Not only for her but for both of my parents because if there is anyone in this entire world that deserves this it would be them. They are the most giving people in the entire world. They have given my brother, sister and I everything that they can and we deeply wish that they could have this. Even when my parents both pass away I will always remember their un dying devotion for each other and the special relationship that most people could never understand.

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