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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Unconditional Love
Dedicated to My best friend, my mentor, my MOM

Submitted by Vicky

The most remarkable women, person and friend I know.

My story starts about 25 years ago. My mothers best friend since she was five years old and the only person she trusted more than anything on this earth.. my father. After spending 26 years together they had gotten married and had two children with a third on the way. My father whom then choose a life of sin, in the military and never home, he pursued other women (mothers best friend)and left my mother with NO JOB, three kids and a morgage and a broken heart. Gathering every little drop of strength she had to keep her family going she took as many jobs as she could to pay the many bills that piled up over the months of unemployment. Never asking for assistance from ANYONE not even the government because she had to much pride, she eventually lost her battle and had to sell the home. We moved in with my grandparents were she took care of them through many years of illiness until they passed leaving behind there debt in which she had to pay off and is still paying on. Shortly after the passing of my grandparents, her brother-in-laws mother had fallen ill. Of course being the caregiver she is, she bathed her, feed her and read her stories and exercised her every day until she passed. My aunt then shortly passed away of a massive heart attack but a few months later and at the age 54. So, my mother since then has been taking care of my uncle (her brother) and his kids for the last 5 years. She has never gone on a vacation for herself.. let alone left the state.. She is the worlds most loving, caring and understanding individual and I along with my brother and sister would love nothing more then to be able to give her a piece of mind and send her to the most beautiful place in the world, HAWAII - Because she is truly the most beautiful person in this world and it is only right.. Please vote for MY MOM..

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