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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

True love never gives up
Dedicated to Scott & Kelly

Submitted by Holly

Scott and Kelly were best friends in high school. Although they both had lot's of friends they had a unique and very loyal friendship with each other. People would ask them why they were not an item and Kelly would respond "We are just too good of freinds". Little did she know Scott had deep feelings for Kelly but would never speak of them for fear of scaring her and ruining their friendship. After high school graduation Kelly married a man that she thought she would spend the rest of her life with. Mike went onto college out of state but never was able to fill the void that Kelly left in his heart. 20 years later Scott's sister, Aimmie who had just finished law school in Honolulu Hawaii was getting married on the beautiful island of Oahu. All friends and family were invited to attend. After arriving for the wedding the day before Scott learned that Kelly would be arriving that evening from the mainland with a few of the other guest's and old friends. Scotts heart was racing, he hadn't seen Kelly since high school. Would she remember him. Was she still married? When Kelly got off the plane, there was Scott waiting with a lei and a smile she would never forget. They embraced and she told him how glad she was to see him after all this time. He asked where her husband was and after a short pause she explaned he had lost a long hard battle with cancer 3 years earlier. Could it be fate that brought them here to this beautiful island? Later that night after a walk on the sand of Waikiki Kelly felt a spark deep in her heart that she never realized was there from the begining. Could she have loved him the whole time? The next evening at Paridise Cove, Scott and Kelly watched his sister and her fiance' have the most wonderfuly romantic ceremony they had ever attended. They danced the night away under the warm breeze listing to the ocean waves rush to the beach as the smell of the tropical flowers filled the air. As the week went on they realized their feelings for each other and could not bare to say goodbye again after all these years..............One year later Scott and Kelly returned to Paradise Cove on the Island of Oahu, in front of all their family and friends they too commited their lives to each other in a beautiful ceremony and vowed to never be apart again.

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