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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Feeling
Dedicated to the spirit of Hawaii- to our spirit

Submitted by Robert

Have you ever dreamt at night wondering on a magic place? Where the light is teh same with dark , where your heart and your soul feel like living? Where you know you been before and where you feel that is something that calls you in with a power that makes you tremble inside. Where you have a feeling that if you go you can find what you are and if you go you can never go back? Where you can loose yourself inside somewhere and you can not escape and where you want to die so that you will find life for ever?

Have you ever read Crusoe and wished to be him , to live for real ? There were times where crying you thought that our world is too much for you ? Do you want to be Crusoe and maybe bring your family and heart and just live in perfect harmony with your spirit be the same with everything .

come here

I feel Hawaii

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