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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dream a dream
Dedicated to Darren

Submitted by Robin

As I stroll along the sandy shore, my hand in his warm hand, smiling into his blue eyes, I take a glance and see the beautiful waves of Hawaii rolling in. The sunset is the perfect romantic backdrop before us, and then I hear a faint music coming from far far away. I look out into the waves, expecting to see something and I realize that I have been dreaming. But this is fine with me, because every day, before I even open my eyes, I smile because I know that my sunshine is lying next to me. Then before I can blink, I am slowly enclosed in warm and loving arms. Next comes the pitter patter of feet down the hall and the bonzai leap of two boys onto our bed. Time to rise and shine. But I am still smiling, because I can still feel the sand beneath my feet, see the romance in his eyes, and know that I am loved.

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