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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

My gago
Dedicated to Gago

Submitted by Anonymous

I meet my hubby through internet , we corresponded for four yrs. I'm from Philippines and he is from CT USA.

Since 2002 until January of 2005 he kept on promising me that he will visit me in Philippines and make plans for our future but he always broke his promises because he's so busy with his work. Until I decided to leave Philippines and went to Dubai to work there. I talked to him in the phone and tell him that I'm going to Dubai ( United Arab Emirates) to work and he asked me not to go there because he is really coming and then I asked him " what do you expect me to do? Believe you? Not this time, There's no you and me so better forget me and look for another girl." Before cutting our conversation he asked one thing and that is to email him when I arrived in Dubai and give him my contact number. So I flew to Dubai and as soon as I have enough rest I email him telling that I'm in Dubai and gave him my contact number. And to my astonishment he followed me there and proposed and got engaged. I asked him " why you follow me here?" and then he said " I'm so sorry for all the mistakes that I've done, I am so fool to waste 4 yrs before I decided to meet you and the time that you leave in Philippines that scares me to death that I might lose you, I don't want to lose you, you're the most precious gem I have." After 2 weeks of being together in Dubai he decided to go back here and immediately process my Fiancée visa and after two months I finally received my visa. I arrived here last May 22, 2005 and got stocked for more than 1 hour in Logan Airport in Boston because of the boarding patrol /customs. They laughed at me when they asked me about the age of my husband by the way my hubby is 46 yrs old and I'm 25 yrs old so there's a big age difference but I don't care what people may say because what matters the most is I love him and he love me. We got married last July 16, 2005 and my husband said to me you make my dreams come true…We originally plan of going to Hawaii as our honeymoon but he already spent a lot money the time he get me from Dubai so we decided to postponed it and the most important thing is that we're together now. I call him gago and he call me gaga in English that means crazy and for us the real meaning is crazy for you.

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