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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love's Dreams Endure
Dedicated to Mom & Dad

Submitted by Anonymous

They met at a high-school dance. He was a handsome, muscular young man full of mischief and fun. She was a beauty with sparkling green eyes and beautiful auburn hair. She also had four very big brothers. Despite her brothers' attempted intervention, they fell in love. He swept her off her feet with his charm.

They, Jean and Larry, married when she was 19, and he was 21, against the objections of her family. On their wedding day, Larry's family didn't tell him, but his draft notice arrived in the mail. The year was 1956, and there was trouble in Vietnam. The family let the couple go on their honeymoon to Niagra Falls, blissfully unaware, and free to dream their dreams. Jean wanted to go to college, and Larry wanted to take her to Hawaii, as soon as they could afford it. Meanwhile they dreamed together of swaying palm trees and ocean breezes.

When they got home, duty called. Their dreams would have to wait. The military stationed them here and there, and they had four children. When Larry's military service was over, Jean became a working mom - unusual for the times- and Larry became a carpenter. Raising four kids was their life. Money was usually in short supply, but love was more than abundant in their home. They loved their children, played with them, and worked hard to give them all the advantages that they could. Although she never went to college, Jean made sure her children could go if they chose. Jean and Larry were devoted to their family, always putting their own needs behind everyone else's, but they never gave up on their dreams.

They had settled in New York State, near Lake Ontario, and near Jean's parents. Nearly every summer afternoon Jean and Larry would meet after work, and bring the kids and their supper to the beach. They frolicked in the waves and swam and played, but the cold New York lake was nothing like the paradise of their dreams.

Time goes on, children grow up and move away, hard times and sorrows come and go, and eventually, retirement comes. Still worrying more about their family than themselves, Jean and Larry are happily settling into retirement. They help their kids often with remodeling projects, and problems with teenagers, and often needed advice. When you see them together, it is easy to imagine that beautiful young girl, and handsome young man. They are still in love, and their eyes still sparkle when they look at each other. They walk hand in hand, they joke and laugh, and they still work together as a team.

The year is 2006, fifty years after they started. They're still dreaming of Hawaii... two people in love, walking hand and hand on the beach... and this time, nothing will keep them from going. It took them fifty years, but with love, tenacity, and time, paradise is theirs.

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