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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Finding Forever
Dedicated to Lovers everywhere

Submitted by Colleen

Forever – what an intimidating word. How can anyone know what their future will hold that far in advance? I will love you forever. In this throw-away world how can this be said with certainty? Look around you and try to count the couples you know that are not divorced, separated, working on the 2nd or 3rd marriage, or at the very least unhappy in the marriage.

With examples such as these it amazes me that young adults have even a chance at finding true love. As you look at the couples you know, and look beyond the public façade, try to find the truly happy couple. They are there. They are the ones that still respect each other, trust in themselves as individuals and as a couple, and are not intimidated by the word forever. They have found true love. Theirs is a timeless love. Together they weather the storms often found in life. They can live anywhere and will find the good in the community and each other.

Now take this couple and send them to Hawaii, the islands known for romance and love. Take away all their cares for a short time and allow them to concentrate on each other. Imagine how much stronger their bond will become. Although they can flourish anywhere their love can fully bloom in the lush gardens of Kauai. The serene beauty of the place as they hike into a waterfall reminds them of the basis of the marriage. Love can be forever! If the foundation of your relationship is strong then it can withstand the errors made in building a lasting home filled with love and respect. Love and romance show to anyone that sees this couple. You can see in their faces and bodies that their lives have not always been easy. But beneath that you can see the strong foundation of their marriage and family.

Their love for each other flows like a strong river current. It separates briefly as it encounters the boulders, flowing over and around them, and rejoins on the other side. The future that seemed so intimidating is now less awesome. You know that with your loved one by your side you can overcome any boulder in your way. Sometimes you separate and tackle the boulder on your own and sometimes you tackle it together. Either way, your love is supporting you and will always bring you back together.

This couple, whether they have ever been to Hawaii or not, will always find their own paradise. They have created an environment that demonstrates that romance is abundant and it can thrive anywhere. Just to be around them gives you hope for the future. Hope that our next generation can transcend the throw-away mentality and find their paradise. Hope that they can look for love and not be intimidated by the word ‘forever'.

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