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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Getting It Wright
Dedicated to Lisa

Submitted by Anonymous

Dear Lisa I'm so sorry that the honeymoon of a life time turned into the vacation from heck, if i would have known that one the third day of our 20th honeymoon we would be robbed and left with nothing I would have made outher plans but just knowing that you and me survived without being hurt is enulf to take me through the next twenty years, I know that Me and You agreed that we would raise the children before we started enjoying life like you so diserve If it takes me another twenty years I will do everything to give you that perfect honeymoon, for I feel that no matter how long it takes we will return to hawaii and this time I will protect you like the dimond you are I hope that you do not take this a reason but take it as a promise just like the one I made to you twenty years ago. through good times and bad I'll always be trying to do better and one day you will see the best is yet to come, your fatefully and forever. I will never quit trying harded

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