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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My love story
Dedicated to James

Submitted by Friends

there i was being alone not having a thing but my 3 childern raising them alone and i was going to give up on love for the last time because i new that there was a long shot for finding someone that would want me with childern and loving them as much as i have. then all of a suddend there he was, he came with my brother to get his car and i knew he was the one for me in my heart i knew it and when i said hi and we went out we fell in love, he bonded with my kids and we got married just after 3 months of meeting i know that some people would and did say that it would not last but here we are 10 yrs later and now we have 3 yr old twin girls along with there brother we have 5 total and God has really blessed us but there was one thing that we didnt do is have a honeymoon just him and I and i hope that we win a trip to have ours would be a another blessing from God.. but if not i am glad that i shared my story and maybe gave someone hope that even if they just meet someone that no matter what anyone says take a chance on love because if you trust in God he will give you a mate to love and to have forever even though we are not in hawaii everyday here with the kids is like a vacation when we laugh and have fun with the kids... but i would just love to have a special time with james my husband to show him how much he means to me that the day that i met him with God help he saved my life because i really thought i was all alone... and this is a true love story....

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