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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

how I met and married her
Dedicated to My wife

Submitted by Anonymous

I went to work in an accounting firm and when I was interviewed by my new employer,I just knew that she was the person for me. The down side was that it seemed she was married and not available, this made my life not quite as bearable for me as I thought it could be. However, after working there for a year I found out that she was not married but only pretended to be so to thwart attempts of single men from hitting on her. I was her favorite employee by that time, I volunteered for all the not so nice jobs and as luck would have it I accomplished them to her satisfaction. After working for her for a year and a half I told her I was applying for a new position in another office in the firm and that it would be a down grade and less money but I had to get away from her office. She did not understand but gave me a excellent appraisal and I was accepted for the other position. The first day of work in my new position she called me and asked me why I was so adamant about changi
g positions but yet stay with the same firm. I told her that the firm's nepotism policy prohibits a spouse from working for the supervisor and that before we could get married I had to change positions. Less than a year later we were married, the second for both of us, and that was 19 years ago.When we got married we wanted to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon but could not afford it but promised ourselves that some day we would go. Well we went this year and enjoyed every bit of the two weeks we were there. We only went to two of the Islands and again made a promise to go back and see the rest of Hawaii. I just hope we can do it before we get too old and feeble as we are now in our sixties and we can't wait another 19 years.

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