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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Endless love
Dedicated to My Husband, Ben

Submitted by Linda

I met my Husband while at the Colorado River on a 4th of July weekend 24 years ago. I didn't plan or want to go but my girlfriends kidnapped me and I went. I had no clothes, toothbrush, and bathing suit, nothing since my friends grabbed me under my arms and knees and literally put me in the car and took off.

We arrived very later and could not find a campsite so we camped in the bushed along the river. The next day my friends and I were listening to the radio and bathing in the nude when from around the cove we heard this ruckus and laughing.

To our dismay two guys parked their boat around the cove and were wading into shore where we were sunbathing. My friends and I were scrambling for cover as they approached screaming and naturally embarrassed. It must have been a sight seeing four woman trying to get their jeans on in the water. After things calmed down a bit they asked us to take a ride in their boat, which we did and that is how I met my husband.

Later that night on July 4th my "husband to be" had two pillowcases filled with fireworks and was handing them out to the kids in the camp ground. As we sat there talking, laughing and getting to know each other I saw in this man a life that would not be ordinarary or boring. He was quite the cad and I loved every minuet of it and still do.

After 24 years of marriage we still find things to talk about that are interesting and sometimes new. One of the things we talk about is going back to Hawaii, a trip of a lifetime for us when we went with our church on a couple's retreat. I feel the time we spent there instilled a calm and beauty that will never leave us or the Hawaiian music we still listen to with closed eyes and feel the soft breeze caressing our faces.It was the most beautiful, soul-searching place I have ever been and I would like to share that experience with my husband once again. He sang Christian praise songs to me in the mountains of Kauai as were hiking back from the falls and I love him dearly for making that hike so memorable and intimate on our last day there.

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