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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dedicated to My Husband

Submitted by C

We met in the summer of 1967,destined to become lovers forever. You, tanned and blond and tall, captured my heart. I knew the moment I first saw you I loved you.

Hawaii has always been my idea of paradise and I could think of no other place that would be as ideal for a honeymoon. Having you at my side would make paradise perfect. We began to plan.

You did make paradise perfect and we both fell in love with Hawaii. The more we saw the more we began to think about moving there. How exciting it would be to live together, grow together, finding love sweeter every day in paradise.

Then everyday life stepped in and our dream was pushed into the background but it never faded completely away. We found jobs, raised a family, became grandparents.

One day, as we laid in each others arms, we realized that in our own way we had created our own personal paradise. Our love for each other had grown as we had grown closer to each other. We were happy just being together. Oh, we still think about Hawaii and we plan to return there for our 40th anniversary.

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