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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Pinch away from Paradise
Dedicated to My Husband Michael

Submitted by Diane

It doesn't take me long before I arrive in paradise. Before I know it, the sun has already rose and set and night is here again. This is, by far, the best time of day. It is at this time that I may reflect on what gifts the day has blessed me with and how fortunate I am to have such a loving husband and three wonderful children to share it with.

Eventually; however, the time comes that the day must come to an end and even though this day is just like every other day, it is still sometimes so hard to let go. But as I lay next to my husband while we pass the night together, my dreams take me into another paradise, a tropical utopia that paints a picture of the life I share with him.

But that is all I know of this paradise, as the second I wake up the dream is over and forgotten. But, once the day begins and gets going once again, trying to remember what beautiful dream I had the night before does not seem so necessary when I have the real thing to experience right now in living color.

There is one thing; however, that makes this unforgettable yet indescribable dream unpleasant and that is the fact that I share everything with my husband, but I can not share this with him. That is why, for one day, I would love to show my husband what paradise looks like in my mind and be able to share it with him for the entire day. And, if together in a paradise like Hawaii, we would need more than just a pinch before our memorable dream could end.

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