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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Real-Life Storybook Romance
Dedicated to Rhianna and Joe

Submitted by Anonymous

It starts out about, oh; I'd say a good ten years ago in a quaint little Midwestern state called Iowa. You see those to young teenagers over there by the schoolyard fence? Yeah, that's them, Miss Rhianna Kopp, a sweet, yet aloof, young lady, she's there with Joe; another teen whose idea of fun has not yet turned sour with thoughts of gang fights or drive bys. He's so attracted to that magnetic personality of Rhianna's that there's not been time to get caught up with the "locals". And Rhianna, well she has fallen for his tender, yet macho traits, that she hardly notices much else in life.

And so begins the age old "perfect pair", now don't get me wrong, they have had their share of ups and downs (like a dog gone carnival ride!). But they have always persevered! Their love seems to go somewhere that most of today's relationships can't even remember, deep down to the "heart and soul". They've come through big family meddling, two babies (two gorgeous boys). And even the threat of losing one of them to health issues only made them stronger. Now, ten years later they have finally saved up enough for a wedding. But that is why I am writing to you, they cannot afford both the wedding and the honeymoon. After all, the BIG family, 150 or so, just in Iowa (which is probably half the county population!) will be coming to the wedding. Rhianna's sister can take care of the boys if they can just win a wonderful trip for their honeymoon. They have always dreamed of a honeymoon in Hawaii, the beautiful beaches, white sands and romantic evenings together. No worries, just fun in the sun and the realization that at least their dream has come true. At last their story can end like those that were read to them as they were growing up, happily ever after!

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