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Love Stories of Hawaii


A Young Heart
Dedicated to All who read it

Submitted by Anonymous

Inside this tired, old body beats a young heart. Sometimes it seems that our body grows old much faster than our heart does. This doesn't seem quite right, but nevertheless it is true. Look at the friends and family around you and see who is still active and happy. Is it the people with the young, great looking bodies or the people that despite their aging bodies still see the good things in life? If you agree that the happiest people are the ones that still see the good in life you will understand what I mean about the young heart. Rarely will you see a child with a jaded outlook. That is because they see the good in things and embrace whatever comes their way. The young heart can be bruised, battered, and sometimes broken but it still keeps beating strong. The young heart can actually be aged and weak, but still young due to the love it contains and gives out to others.

Hawaii is an island that has a young heart. It embraces the people that travel there for romance, cradles them in its heart, and gives back to them tenfold. Hawaii will never be an old island despite its years because of the warmth and giving nature of the people that live there. They say that the people of a place take on the nature of the place. If that is true then the very nature of Hawaii is of a loving and giving environment. This does not mean that all is rosy there or anywhere.

As with life everywhere, to really appreciate the good you must have seen the less than desirable. That doesn't mean that the less than desirable is bad. To see a rainbow there must be rain as well as sunshine. To see inside to the very heart of something the outer covering must be looked beyond, broken or torn away.

Perhaps that is why you hear people say that someone has a good heart. They have looked beyond the outer trappings to see what is really inside that person. The loving, caring nature of a person is there for the astute person to find if they can only get beyond what is shown to the public. The person that has had their heart bruised, battered, or broken learns to shield it from further hurt. They hide that young heart while it heals, but the truly young heart will always find a way to let itself be found.

So whether your body is young or old keep your heart young. Trust in the world around you, give of your heart, and enjoy the simple pleasures you find in life. Embrace your future and release the pains and troubles that make your heart old before its time. Take the time to go to a place that welcomes you, soothes you, and gives you the peace you may need. Take time for romance as it will help keep your heart young no matter how old your body gets.

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