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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

The Magic of Aloha
Dedicated to Dani

Submitted by Anonymous

For two and a half years, we had a relationship. We had some financial stresses and separated at her request. She said she needed space. I honored her request, but craved her presence daily ever since then. It had been three years since we'd been together, since then, my career has taken off.

I surprised her one day by leaving on her doorstep a beautiful fruit basket with airplane tickets to Hawaii and a note saying "I think this will be a fruitful trip! Come and meet me at the Princeville Resort! Don't contact me before then!" The date for departure was three days away. We were to sojourn there for two weeks. I took a chance she'd respond favorably to my invitation.

We were booked on separate flights to Kauai, so that we wouldn't see each other until we were in Hawaii. It was my first trip there; Hawaii had only been a romantic idea for me until it became a romantic reality.

I arrived before she did and made arrangements for us to have a picnic sunset dinner with stunning views of the waterfall and breath taking ocean. We met at the hotel, after she had a chance to take a shower and freshen up after the long flight, we travelled together to our picnic spot.

We were in total privacy, enveloped in intense exotic beauty of the natural landscape. The breeze kissed our skin with the tingle of romance.

"Dani, let's work things out. Let's live aloha together forever. We've already tried life without each other and I want nothing but to make you happy for now on. Will you marry me?"

She responded with a loving long kiss and whispered in my ear," Of course, Aloha."

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