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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Night never to forget
Dedicated to My loving man, Joe

Submitted by Anonymous

Standing by the door in walked a man, I almost hit the floor. I thought to myself can this really be a Wyatt Earp just for me?

As, I starred and ponder my mind did wonder, I thought to myself I need some help, This would be crazy but my mind was really hazy.

I tapped him on the shoulder, He turned around with a big smile, I knew he was mine right there and then, he gave me 10 quick question's which I ansewred in a giggle, all his friends were laughin knowing he had just met his match,

All he did was chuckle I wanted to hit him on his buckle, I kept calm and grabbed him palm, I new we had a destination without no hestation we walked back out that door.

His big green eyes and mustache made me think I had my lawman, He was no Lawman he said fast, I looked at him as I felt we had met in the past. Things started going really fast.

We went for a walk all we did is talk, as we had known each other from far time, Since then we have been together. we know it will be forever.

It was then and there we both knew we have found true love. We were soon to be married in his home town July third.

As we stood in the town gazebo there where lots of people who had stopped to watch, as we said our vows with family, we then all went to pizza and I said I was really glad to meet ya.

We did not have a honeymoon went back to the daily grind. He went to college to gain a bunch of knowlege after a short travel in time he became the Lawman.

He fights crime all day, get awards and marks his way to be a great sheriff, again I am so glad that we met, I have found the best.

Now, its been over 9 years we have always planned to renew our vows in hawaii, In a diffrent place and time. By the sea it will be for the two of us. After so much we need the break, to give this handsome man some a new take.

My love for him will always be true, no matter what we have to do as partner's for a lifetime. I am forever grateful I met this man who is faithful to the vow's we will always share.

Renewing our vows would be so great, I know we would make this date only a dream come true, without writting this story I am dreaming to make this glory for the both of us in return.

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