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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Aloha Mahu'i ‘Ole I'a
Dedicated to Jack Butler

Submitted by Rachelle

Aloha Mahu'i ‘Ole I'a (Unexpected Love)

I used to wonder to myself if there would ever be a good man willing to accept a single mother with three kids and two jobs. For a long time, I gave up on the idea of love. I figured I was destined to be single until my kids could fend for themselves. I worked six days a week, attended PTSO meetings and became the President, and sat on community Board of Directors, all the while trying to make time for my children.

I never dreamed someone would enter my life and cause such a ruckus! I have always been the nurturer, caregiver, supporter, provider…then came Jack. Now, he is all those wonderful things to ME! Who would have thought that a man could be so loving, generous, and gentle. And he cooks! He accepted my children from the start with ease and an open heart.

Growing up an island girl from Hawaii, I was raised to accept people for who they are inside rather than judging what they look like on the outside. Jack is from Alabama where his family has endured years of prejudice. When my family met him, they instantly loved him, not judging the color of his skin. This was Jack's first taste of the "Aloha Spirit." Now he is considered one of the ohana (family) and has been hanai-ed (adopted) by my mother.

The kids, now ages 18, 17, and 12, are happy to see their mother being catered to for once. My daughter says that Jack spoils me. The boys enjoy the time they spend playing football, basketball, and PS2 together, while my daughter will sit and talk with Jack about the kolohe (mischievous) boys at school.

Everyday, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I feel like a princess that has been awakened. I'm still very active on Boards, in the community, at the kids' schools, and work two jobs, but now I come home to a warm bear hug, a kiss, dinner on the stove, someone telling me to sit down for my foot massage, calling me "Sweetie."

I think back to that first day Jack and I met and I'm still amazed. Amazed that someone loves me for me, along with my instant family, flaws and all. It has been almost two years since that first day, but it feels like a lifetime. I have a big smile while I write this, a tear of happiness falling down my cheek, and love in my heart that grows everyday for a man named Jack Butler.

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