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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

The Lord Gave us this Week!
Dedicated to Mom&Dad

Submitted by Tammy

Wow Were do I start!!!My Mom and Dad have been married for 29 years, they will be celebrating there 30th on Febuary 28th 2006th Over the past year my mom and dad have almost you would say grown apart, they stoped communicating like they use to, and they were just comfortable in the 29 years they have had togeether. Friends more than anything Mom put out nurmous crys for help to dad, for the lack of attention they both gave, but again, as everyone would say "our family is untouchable", and Dad didnt see the cry my mom was letting out. In that mom turned to a male friend/co-worker, who listened to her, and one thing led to another, and well you could emagine, yes, Dad came home from work one Monday evening, and my Mom had Ran, Ran far away, no one new she was running. My Dad lost Sleep, time from work, and was caring the world on his sholders. My brother, his wife, my husband, my kids, and myself didnt leave my dads side. We were with him to the end, we all camped at the house. Dad seen counclers at work, but that only helped for a day, and the stress, and the were is she was still there. Well that Saturday after she left,Dad and Adam, my brother went too the local police station and filed a missing persons report, in hopes that she would be found. That Tuesday evening a call came out that my mom has been found 3 provinces over, and was ok. That made dad feel a bit better noing that mom was safe, But WHY!!, Why did she leave??? The next day my Brother recived a text message from my mom saying that she was fine, and here is a number he can reach her in emergencies. The next day my dad was buing up alot of anxiety, and we feared for his heart, if he didnt hear from my mom. Adam Texed messaged her, and stated its Dads heart please call, She did call the next day, and talk to my brother, and told him that her plan was to stay out there and fade away, then move to northern Ontario, to live. adam talked to my Mom into calling Dad, cause all this was killing him inside, that evening about 4pm mom called dad, Dad poured his heart and soul out to mom, and she promised to call the next morning. Well the next morning came and no call, we were all hert, but what can we do she was soo far away. That evening as we were all at the house, i belive it was 8:30pm, the phone rang it was my Mom, she was crying and wanted to come home!!!! by 7:00am the next morning, my dad was on a plane to Calgary to bring mom home to us, and by 5:00pm that same evening my brother and I picked Mom and Dad up in Toronto at the airport, Yes my dad spent 30min in calgary, mom was there with her luggage ready to come home too all of us, and they did!! Now Dad and mom are spending there time communicating, and dad is talking Moms ear off!!Pour mom!!

It has been Mom amd Dads dream to go to Hawaii, and I they want to be there for there 30th wedding anniversary in Febuary and re-new there Wedding vows.. As the title of my story says the Lord Gave Us this week!! Dad feels that things happin for a reasion, and Now my Parents are in Love now more then I have ever seen them before. Please give them this chance of a life time!!!

Thank you for you time and listening Tammy Baarda(one happy kid who feels her family is still untouchable!)

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