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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Healing Hearts
Dedicated to Michael, Marlon and Melody

Submitted by Anonymous

Once upon a time, when the timing was finally right,Michael and I met, on the Pacific ocean, 21 years ago. Michael was introduced to me by my sister saying, " This is Michael. He's an Officer and a Gentleman".And he was. He was an officer in the Marine Corps, handsome, had good manners with a genuine heart! We fell in love immediately, had two wonderful children, that are leaving for college in two weeks, the day before the anniversary of our meeting, August 26.

Last year my father passed. He was a very dear friend in addition to being my Father. With some of the money he left, I took our daughter to Kaua'i last Spring, as a graduation gift and to heal my grief. We fell in love with Kaua'i, miss it terribly and hope to return one day. The energy of Kaua'i was healing. Just being there was very powerful. The only thing missing from the wonderful trip was Michael and our son, Marlon. We knew they would fall in love with the island, as we did.

Being married to Michael has been a gift beyond anything I would have dreamt of. We've had tough times, happy times and through it all, he's been a truly special father, friend, companion and husband that works very hard every single day and never expects anything in return.

Thanks to Michael's efforts our kids reflect all the time and effort he made to be around, throw baseballs and softballs, taught them guitar and piano (we're all musical)...they are very special young people.

Sometimes opportunity knocks more than once. I've been blessed with a great marriage and a man and kids who love me everyday. This has been an extremely hard year for me and I would be truly grateful to return to the heavenly, healing region of the world, the Hawaiian Islands.

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