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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

He's Home Now
Dedicated to Wayne Fisk

Submitted by Donna

This is a story is true and is about a special love between a Daddy and a Daddys Girl. This is my story of how I know that my Daddy, who has passed now, is always with me.

You see, my Daddy was born in 1930 and raised in a small Texas town, along with ten other Brothers and Sisters. The family was very poor and picked cotton to put food on the table. He always told me though, that he didn't know he was poor because there was so much love. He told me that he longed to see the world though, so he joined the Army. He did this at the young age of seventeen. He was shipped overseas to Hawaii and was stationed at Fort Shafter for three years, from 1947 to 1950.

As a little girl I grew up listening to all of the wonderful stories of Aloha the beautiful people of Hawaii showed him. You could just see the love he had for them in his eyes. I knew right then and there that this must be a very special place and I was going to go someday to experience it for myself. Well that day finally come for me and my Husband in the year 2003. I took along with me the red bandana that was in his pocket the day he died, it was all I had left of him. I wanted so badly to leave it there somewhere special, because Hawaii was like a second home to him.

On our last day there my husband and I were walking along the shores of Sand Island and I was thinking of burying it somewhere in the sand. Thats when I happend to look down and something caught my eye. I picked it up and looked at it very closely and discovered that it was a piece of an old coffee cup from Ft. Shafter that had washed up on shore. You could barely read it but there it was a partial "Fort Shaf" on the cup. This brought tears to my eyes because I know that my Dad was telling me that he was already there, that I didn't have to leave the bandana.

He was telling me that he had gone home to Hawaii, his one and only true love.

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