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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hawaii Makes it better.
Dedicated to Wendy Pedigo

Submitted by Charles

Since 1955, when I was a five year old child, I had wanted to visit the Hawaiian islands. Fifty one years later and on our 30th wedding anniversary my wife and I made arrangements for our first trip. All of the plans were set and the preparations made for a wonderful week in paradise.

Two days before our departure, I was driving back from a meeting about 150 miles from home when I was involved in a terrible traffic accident on the interstate highway. The two cars involved were both totalled and the occupant of the second car had to spend time in the hospital, but I was bruised by not broken.

The doctors suggested a few days of R&R and wrote a perscription for some pain killers for my bruised ribs and fractured wrist. They said that travel by airplane might be rough due to not being able to walk around much and I would be plenty stiff from the impact of the accident.

With pain pills in hand my bride of 30 years and I headed to Hawaii for our first trip to the islands. It was a long 18 hour journey and the travel did make quite an impact on my injured body, but if I was going to be hurting I new that Hawaii would make it better more than any place else on the planet.

Relaxing on the beach in Honolulu, enjoying the evening entertainment at a luau, and getting your feet wet in the Hawaiian surf did make it much better.

We returned to the mainland with a renewed vigor and my healed body totally intact.

Can Hawaii make it better?

Hawaii Makes It Much better! We intend to keep returning and visiting all of the islands, to keep making it better and better each time.

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