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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

In This Life I Was Loved By You
Dedicated to BFC the love of my life!

Submitted by Bfa

As I awake my first thoughts are of you. I look over and see you sleeping and am in awe that I found such deep love with you. I watch you breath and I can feel your breathing in my chest.

As the days goes on I feel your thoughts. You know, like when we call each other at the same time. How we will both start singing the same song at the same time. That can only happen with soulmates.

I love that we feel like teenagers in love, even though we are "middle aged". Holding hands walking on the beach, not afraid to sneak a kiss in public.

My thoughts drift to you often during the day and as I think of you I smile. People at work often ask me what I am smiling about and I tell them "something very special". When you hold my hand, I feel so connected to you, there's an energy that comes out of our touching. I think we could start a fire on a deserted island just with our touch.

You are the only man I have ever loved and I want to take you back to Hawaii, for my first trip and your "one more time". I can picture us there, under a waterfall, singing some Izzy, being one.

My life is complete because

"In this life I was loved by you"

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