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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Once, Twice, Three times
Dedicated to Don

Submitted by Lynn

I met him 27 years ago at work. I worked at a bank and the teller that always cashed his check was going on vacation so she introduced me, and asked me to cash his checks while she was gone. It was an instant attraction for me. This man was gorgeous inside and out. We became good friends but only saw each other on Fridays to cash his checks. He was married and we were just friends. We both started having feelings more than friendship so we mutually agreed he should not come into the bank that I worked at anymore. Fast forward 4 years. I have left that bank and was working in another department of the bank. I was at a building that I don't work at when someone told me I had a phone call. I picked up the phone and it was him. He was divorced and he would like to take me to dinner. We started dating. I was head over heels in love, but it only lasted about 9 months. He was just out of an 18 year marraige and had never dated anyone but his ex-wife. I was also 14 years younger than him and had a young child. He broke my heart, leaving me. I later found out he thought I would want more children and he didn't really know how I felt about him. Fast forward 21 years from that. I knew his 60th birthday was coming up so I called the phone number I had for him. He answered! He had the same phone number for 21 years. We talked for hours. He was going through a divorce and I had been divorced for about a year. We talked on the phone every night for a month and then he invited me over for my birthday for dinner. We had all intentions of this just being two old friends having dinner together. He lives an hour away from me so I had planned to stay over in the extra bedroom. We had a wonderful evening sitting outside listening to Izzy, just as friends. The next morning he made me pancakes and next to the stove we shared our second 'first kiss'. All the emotions came pouring back in. It will be a year from that kiss in September, I haven't left and we are committed to spending the rest of our lives together. I want to share some of that time in Hawaii with him as he has told me how beautiful it is. Our love is very special and we finally got it right the third time around. He will always be the only true love of my life!

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