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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

His touch became magic
Dedicated to My Love

Submitted by Anonymous

When I was a young child of about 12, I had a young man of 11 tell his mother that he liked a girl with brown curly hair and that was me. But, as time went on and we grew older, we both got involved with other people. In fact, I was engaged to be married and found out the day I was going to send the invitations out, that the man I thought honestly loved me, had not been true to my trust. My engagement was broken that night.

One evening I was sitting in my car crying and who opened the door but that little boy who liked me at 11 and sat beside me. He told me he didn't know what to do for me but just wanted to let me know he was there for me. As time went on I still didn't know if I would ever fall in love again. But, after some time had passed, my childhood friend asked me to go hiking with him, his cousin & wife. We went with the understanding that we were going just as friends, but as we were walking up the hill his hand bumped mine and this feeling came over was as if his touch became magic. I knew at that very moment our friendship was going to change. By the end of the day we were holding hands and it was from that point, that we began dating. Our love became very deep and it was at that time that I learned what a real, meaningful love felt like. On our 25th anniversary, we celebrated by going to Hawaii. It truly is Paradise on earth. We were overwhelmed by all the beauty of the islands. This coming year we will have been married 32 years and we are hoping to visit our Paradise in Hawaii again this year. We will walk the beaches of Oahu, and smell the orchids of Maui and as we do my love will be holding my hand as he did over 32 years ago and, yes, it will still be magic. Anonymous

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