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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

13 Years and then Maui
Dedicated to My Husband Michael

Submitted by Cheryl

I met Michael at Dana and Joe's house when I was 18. I was attending Cosmetology School and hanging out at one of the girls' houses. Her husband had his own band and practice was in the basement. I was sitting in the living room with Dana and a shy guy with braces and a guitar walked by. Dana said "Michael, I want you to meet someone." He came back and said "Hello"in a very shy way. I thought he was so handsome but he was dating someone at the time. All of us would go to a place in Whiting Indiana called Beer Can Alley. It was a little hide away on Lake Michigan where we would hang out on the beach. The night I went out there with everyone Michael had broke up with his girlfriend. I felt bad for him but I in turn wanted to date him. I conversed with him on the beach and tried to make him feel better and out of nowhere I had a overwhelming feeling that I wanted to kiss him and so I did. He could not believe that I liked him since I saw him for the first time. We dated and everything was great until my Father got transferred. At the time I did not have the money to live on my own and Michael did not either. We tried to stay in touch but our lives changed as time apart grew on. I lived in Ohio for 13 years. I decided to move back near my family and moved to Elkhart to be closer. Everytime I went out with my friends after work,I saw someone who reminded me of Michael. One night I decided to try to call him. To my surprise he had the same phone number and He answered the phone and couldn't believe it was me. He ended up driving to my place the next weekend. We dated and he asked if I could go to wedding with him. He was very nervous to ask me this question. I said what are you so nervous about and he replied "the wedding is in Maui" I was shocked. We ending up going to Maui and both of us were in the wedding party. The night of the wedding we walked on the beach where there was a beautiful view of palm trees swaying under the moonlight. It was then that he proposed to me. We have now been married 9 years and have a 9 year old son named Bryce and I have a 12 year old step son named Richie. March second will be our 10th Anniversary. Last year we returned to Maui with our sons to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our engagement. We all had a wonderful time and Maui, Hawaii will always be a special place to us. Our boys feel the same.

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